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Don't find your documents? Have issues collaborating with your colegues? Would you like to manage your contracts? Look no further / InteliDoc.


Track project progression, manage project finance, budget your projects and track financial performance


Contacts database, mailing system, task management, team management of incoming mailbox, track business activities, soft information database


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Case Management

Stay organized, and access the information you need—from anywhere, at any time.



Document Management

Edit, store, and organize your legal documents securely and directly in the cloud.




Create custom bill plans based on fee structure and reduce manual data entry. Bill via email or our secure client portal.



Contact Management

Easily organize contact details, documents, and communication logs from intake to invoice.




Simplify reconciliations and comply with trust accounting regulations. Sync to third-party accounting systems.



Stay on top of deadlines, with legal-specific features like Court Rules.


Task Management

Assign and track tasks. Report on task progress, identify roadblocks, and better manage productivity.


Invoice Exchange

Digital invoice exchange. Get paid faster and make it easier for clients to pay by sending digital invoices.


Time & Expense Tracking

Make billing easy and accurate with features like Timekeeper and enhanced expense tracking.


Insights Dashboard

See how many hours your firm has captured, billed, and collected in one dashboard.



Projects - Contracts - Cases - every detail in one place

Get an overview of all project information from a single dashboard. Link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to the appropriate project.


Reduce redundant tasks

Enter data once. Use our project management software as your firm's hub for managing projects, generating documents, tracking deadlines, sending bills, and more.

Access every case detail from anywhere

Log in to your project management software with an internet connection in a secure and encrypted way or use web app.

Add project information from existing software

Log emails, file legal documents, and sync project details to InteliDoc from other apps and software including Outlook.

Collaborate on projects with your team

Make project management easy with software that gives every member of your firm insight into what's happening.

Increase visibility

Use InteliDoc as your firm’s single source of truth. Set permissions to protect sensitive project details, and communicate with clients and co-counsel with our secure online portal, InteliDoc Portal.

See real-time case developments

Track every change made to a project including new time entries and documents. See who made what change and when.

Track status updates across your load

Set the status of a project to Open, Pending, or Closed (or user defined state). Use notes and secure messages to easily share updates on a project.

Organize projects the way you want

Attach custom categories, task lists, billing rates, payment profiles, budgets, and more to each of your project.

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Contact Management Software

Manage all of your clients and contacts from InteliDoc contact management software. Track every contact and every detail and ever miss an interaction.


Get contact details at a glance

Get a quick overview of your firm’s clients and contacts. See their connected projects, documents, transactions, and bills. Keep client information organized to ensure no followup, detail, or interaction is missed.

Remember every client conversation

Track a client's history of interactions with your firm - across email, phone, and in-person meetings. Record emails to a client's communication log from Outlook or other email systems, and add notes directly into a client profile.

Track specific client details

Record details needed for your firm's processes in custom contact data fields. The more you know about your contacts, the better you can meet and exceed their expectations.


Deliver a great client experience

Turn every contact into a referral, a good review, and more business for your company.

Keep track of the important details

Attach a profile photo to each contact profile to help quickly associate a name with a face. Add chat and other new communication details and integrate with them. Add personalized billing preferences and rates, contact attributes, and more.

Make collaborating more efficient

Share documents, tasks, and bills with contacts through our secure client portal. Provide access to project developments, and increase efficiencies by keeping everyone in the loop.

Use public or marketing records

Import public or other accessible records directly in the system. No more errors in mistyping a customer name, Tax id or email.

Offer client intake forms on your website

Jumpstart the client intake process and begin gathering information from the start - without calls or emails. Offer online intake forms on your website so you can add potential clients directly in InteliDoc.

Onboard and manage clients with ease

Use InteliDoc CRM software to onboard clients into an engaging relationship from day one.


Organize contacts with customizable tags

Tag and categorize potential clients, existing clients, and professional contacts in our CRM software, so you can find who you need, when you need them.

Run automated email campaigns

Create tailored, email campaigns that engage your new and incoming clients through the client intake process.

Know the status of every client at a glance

See the current status of each potential or retained client. Get an overview of their contact and project details from an easy-to-understand dashboard.



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InteliDoc is used by companies from various fields, such as engineering companies, financial companies, trading enterprises, public institutions, shipping agencies and so on. We are confident that the system is suitable for your company.

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