Create beautiful PDF documents from Domino data with easy to use templates in html. You can print whatever you want with whatever design you imagine. Tool is designed for developers who need LotusScript or Java integration. Works with Nomad Web and standard client. Integration is done on the server side so it does not need any client configuration. You can print invoices, reports, ….

We also add an additional Quick Preview source code, so you can instantly preview PDF document on the Notes client and in Nomad Web.


  • design your print layout
  • headers, footers, page numbers
  • template based printing
  • server side installation / integration, no need to configure clients
  • no limitations of number of documents
  • reliable and very fast
  • customizable fonts, language, formats
  • no additional software required (no MS Office, OpenOffice, …)


  1. Create a template
  2. Create xml export of your data
  3. Run PDF print code
  4. Run Quick preview code to view the PDF or use a created pdf file in your email, script, agent, …

Source document in Notes client

document in notes

Printed document

document in notes

Printed document footer

document in notes

Template in html language

document in notes

Template parameters

You can add translations, linked documents, graphics and more in template parameters**

document in notes

document in notes

Print 4 Domino Price

Price for Printing solution for HCL Domino is 6.500 EUR (taxes not included).

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