The benefits of introducing the Intelidoc system in managing construction projects are:

  • faster business, flow of information and documents
  • managing the financial review of projects
  • reduction of operational risk
  • better productivity, we automate repetitive procedures
  • central storage of project documentation
  • reduces the possibility of errors (checkpoints)

Project management system modules

Overview of projects:

  • Contract documentation
  • Cost documentation
  • Correspondence (email, paper, …)
  • Tracking the passage of time

Project overview

Customers and participants

From architects and engineers to suppliers and subcontractors, managing diverse contacts is paramount. A comprehensive contact management solution enables construction firms to centralize contact information, track interactions, and stay organized amidst the fast-paced nature of the industry.

You can manage all details about contacts involved in construction business:

- Client information
- Contractors details, subcontractors, 
- Financial institutions, ...

Partner overview

Documents and folders

A robust document management system empowers construction businesses to centralize, organize, and securely store critical documents. With features tailored to the unique needs of the industry, such as version control, collaboration tools, and mobile access, document management streamlines workflows and reduces costly errors.

Document management in Intelidoc enables you to organize and manage documents.

- folder structure
- import documents - import your existing file system document structure
- document generation - merge important data to new documents. They are automatically stored in Intelidoc.

Project documentation

Received invoices

With advanced invoice management solutions, construction companies can automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry and approval workflows, freeing up valuable time for strategic decision-making. Additionally, digital tools offer real-time visibility into financial metrics, enabling informed budgeting and forecasting. Intelidoc enables you to track:

- invoices
- approvals
- confirmations
- payments
- recording of payments
- bank statements (import them digitally)
- track retained funds
- e-invoices (import them digitally)

Project finance

Invoicing process

Construction businesses need efficient systems to streamline the invoicing process. By leveraging modern tools and technologies, firms can generate invoices quickly and accurately, reflecting the scope of work completed and agreed-upon terms. Intelidoc enables you to to properly manage:

- issuing invoices
- proper numbering scheme (rules), remember Intelidoc supports multiregional business
- tax levels, EU compliant
- nice printouts with your desing
- multi-currency business
- retained funds, advances
- payment tracking
- e-invoices

Invoice issued

Beside invoices, you can track also:

- Purchase orders
- Estimates
- Advances
- Payments
- Bank statements

Contracts management

In the intricate world of construction, managing contracts efficiently is pivotal for project success and stakeholder satisfaction. From subcontractor agreements to client contracts, the construction industry navigates a complex web of legal documents and commitments.

Effective contract management systems enable construction businesses to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and maximize profitability. By centralizing contract repositories and implementing robust tracking mechanisms, firms gain visibility into key milestones, deadlines, and obligations.

Intelidoc enables you to to properly manage:

- client and subcontractor contracts
- financial and milestone tracking
- contract parameters, financial and term based
- agreements
- invoices
- documents
- get notifications on deadlines, ...

Review of invoices

Financial instruments

One of the most common financial instruments in construction is project financing, which provides the capital needed to initiate and complete construction projects. Whether through traditional bank loans, lines of credit, or alternative financing options, securing adequate funding is crucial for project success.

- guarantees
- letters of credit
- limits
- insurance
- deposits



Moreover, email serves as a formal channel for documenting communications, providing a valuable record of project-related discussions and decisions. This documentation helps mitigate disputes, clarify expectations, and ensure accountability throughout the project lifecycle.

- group email boxes with activity tracking
- e-mail integration with:
  - transfer of mail to the project
  - sending from the project
  - automatic notification
- marketing (information, news, advertisements)
- personal e-mail

Email notification, marketing

Project milestone tracking

Modern construction management software empowers teams to track milestones in real-time, offering visibility into project progress and enabling timely intervention when deviations occur. By leveraging data-driven insights, project managers can make informed decisions, allocate resources judiciously, and proactively address potential bottlenecks before they escalate.

- project levels
- project phases
- cost analytics by projects, contracts, cost centers

Overview of project phases

International Business

Intelidoc supports:

  • operations of a company / group of companies in several countries
  • business consolidation - many companies, different countries, many currencies
  • accounting integration

Analytics and reports

- reports
- data exchange (xml, sql, api, ...)
- project parameters
- warnings about deadlines, restrictions
- project performance
- financial monitoring of projects
- temporal (year, quarter, monthly)
- level (branch, department, project)
- cash flow


Manage all of your clients and contacts from Intelidoc contact management software. Track every contact and every detail and ever miss an interaction.

Get contact details at a glance - Get a quick overview of your company clients and contacts. See their connected project, documents, transactions, and invoices. Keep client information organized to ensure no follow up, detail, or interaction is missed.

Remember every client conversation - Track a client’s history of interactions with your company - across email, phone, and in-person meetings. Record emails to a client’s communication log from email systems, and add notes directly into a client profile.

Track specific client details - Record details needed for your company processes in custom contact data fields. The more you know about your contacts, the better you can meet and exceed their expectations.

- partner database
- database of contacts
- contact categorization and lists
- additional information about partners

Services, tasks and materials

- services
- done
- material
- catalogs

Services on the project

Events and quests

  • tasks, deadlines, notification
  • events, minutes, bookmarks, notes

Exchange with external systems

- exchange with the accounting system
- data exchange module with external databases
- interval exchange
- exchange of data according to the event

Nice customized printouts of documents

Create beautiful PDF documents with easy to use templates in html. You can print whatever you want with whatever design you imagine. Features:

- design your print layout
- headers, footers, page numbers
- template based printing
- server side installation / integration, no need to configure clients
- no limitations of number of documents
- reliable and very fast
- customizable fonts, language, formats
- no additional software required (no MS Office, OpenOffice, …)

Customized printouts of documents

Operation via browser and iPad

Most of the functionality is also available via the webassembly browser and the iPad iOS system.

Intelidoc webassembly Intelidoc iOS


With our system, you gain access to robust project planning, scheduling, and tracking tools designed specifically for the unique demands of the construction industry. Seamlessly manage tasks, allocate resources, and monitor progress to ensure projects stay on time and within budget.

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Say goodbye to costly overruns and missed deadlines. With our solution, you can optimize resource utilization, minimize downtime, and maximize profitability on every project. Plus, our user-friendly interface and intuitive features streamline adoption, ensuring rapid implementation and minimal disruption to your operations.

Don’t let budget constraints hold your business back. Invest in a construction project management system that delivers unparalleled value without breaking the bank. Discover how our competitive pricing can transform your construction projects from concept to completion. Reach new heights of success with our innovative solution today!”

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