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The benefits of introducing the Intelidoc system in managing construction projects are:

  • faster business, flow of information and documents
  • managing the financial review of projects
  • reduction of operational risk
  • better productivity, we automate repetitive procedures
  • central storage of project documentation
  • reduces the possibility of errors (checkpoints)

Project management system modules

Overview of projects:

  • Contract documentation
  • Cost documentation
  • Correspondence (email, paper, …)
  • Tracking the passage of time

Project overview

Customers and participants

- client, contractor, subcontractors, financial institutions, ...

Partner overview

Documents and folders

- folders
- import documents
- document generation

Project documentation

Received bills

- confirmation
- payment
- recording of payments
- bank statements
- retained funds
- e-invoices

Project finance

Invoices issued

  • production
  • numbering (rules)
  • tax levels
  • printouts
  • multi-currency business
  • retained funds
  • e-invoices

Invoice issued

  • Purchase orders
  • Estimates
  • Advances
  • Payments
  • Bank statements


  • suppliers
  • parameters
  • pieces of paper
  • bills
  • documents

Review of invoices

Financial instruments

  • guarantees
  • letters of credit
  • limits
  • insurance
  • deposits



  • group boxes with tracking
  • e-mail integration
    • transfer of mail to the project
    • sending from the project
    • automatic notification
  • marketing (information, news, advertisements)
  • personal e-mail


Project management of the project

  • project levels
  • project phases
  • cost lists by projects, contracts, cost centers

Overview of project phases

International Business:

  • operations of a company / group of companies in several countries
  • business consolidation - more companies, more countries, more currencies
  • course books - automatic

Analytics and reports

  • reports
  • data exchange (xml, sql, api, …)
  • project parameters
  • warnings about deadlines, restrictions
  • realization
    • financial monitoring of projects
    • temporal (year, quarter, monthly)
    • level (branch, department, project)
  • cash flow


  • partner database
  • database of contacts
  • categorization and lists
  • additional information about partners


Services, tasks and materials

- services
- done
- material
- catalogs

Services on the project

Events and quests

  • tasks, deadlines, notification
  • events, minutes, bookmarks, notes

Exchange with external systems

  • exchange with the accounting system
  • data exchange module with external databases
  • interval exchange
  • exchange of data according to the event


Operation via browser and iPad

Most of the functionality is also available via the webassembly browser and the iPad iOS system.

Intelidoc webassembly Intelidoc iOS

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