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Custom software development

Each business system (company, …) has its own operating rules. Often, when they want to speed up and improve, companies resort to dedicated solutions that optimize critical points of business. That’s where we come in. We will develop the optimal solution for your problem (within IT) and help you optimize your business process.

At Intelicom, we develop on many platforms and technologies, and we know how to connect your existing solutions into a coordinated orchestra.

We have extensive experience in software development for large and small clients. We know how to take the path so that the solution will ultimately work in practice and that the user will be satisfied.

We have developed solutions in various industries, from financial, service, manufacturing, administrative, and purely technical. In short, we know a lot of business and technology domains, so we can be a quickly qualified interlocutor in the development of a solution. Many times we have been asked to develop solutions where large companies have “broken their teeth” and brought projects to completion.

We listen to the client’s wishes

Our favorites are clients who already know what they want. We can also sit down with you and help you crystallize your wishes from your business sense that your system needs to be upgraded. We do what we agree on.

We use the latest technologies and approaches

We use different technologies when developing solutions. The chosen technology and platform depends on the client’s problem and environment.

In addition to classic approaches, we also use AI - artificial intelligence, cryptography (blockchain), distributed systems and other innovations that you may have already heard of. But we have already used them.

To name a few, they are Phoenix Liveview, Elixir, JavaScript, MongoDB, DotNet, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, HCL Domino/Notes, Java, C, C++, Delphi, PHP, Python, DLT (HyperLedger, Ethereum), MS Teams ( MS Graph), …

Platforms are Linux, Windows, OSX, sometimes we also used AIX and something similar :)

Development of web, mobile and desktop applications

The development trend is mobile real time applications, but we also develop other types of applications, such as business applications, industrial applications, ….

Examples of solutions

  • system for company data analysis and calculation of credit rating and risk factor
  • integration of financial data for the company’s project management analyst (larger international company)
  • a comprehensive system of CAs (certificates) and tools for encryption, signing, protection of VPN transport routes
  • a system for managing files, courts and legal offices
  • mass e-marketing system with integration of various databases
  • the system for the purchase of claims and compensations
  • management of machines in production
  • system for integrated printing of labels (graphics, text, barcodes, qr-code) for large volumes in production and tracking
  • system for integrated office operations (are you tired of using 45 different programs in your daily work?)
  • mobile application for asset tracking (gps, qrcode, mobile)
  • revision of the technical solution of another manufacturer, mechanics + IOT hardware + software

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