Security Services and Solutions

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Information security in the enterprise

Automatic application updates present a security risk for you?
Are you accessing unknown websites with possible malware?
Is your password your full name?
These are all parts of information security. We take care both of the technical part of the security issues as well also the business and protection of sensitive and confidential data.
Intelicom d.o.o. will help you establish a secure IT environment. We offer a wide range of security services and variety of solutions for secure information store and sharing.
We perform security check and verify your current state of information security level. We will inform you about safety deficiencies and suggest solutions to ensure safe business operation without security incidents.
With a well thought out and tailored security solutions we will ensure the security of corporate data and reduce the possibility of security incidents and incursions in the system. Management procedures such as ISO27001 and regular monitoring of security policies will ensure a high level of information security at a business level.


Network Solutions 

Connecting to a local area network and the Internet is now indispensable. Loosing connection can mean a loss of business and lack of competitiveness. With quality equipment, system redundancy and network access control, you can achieve a secure and reliable connection.
We can check your equipment and advise you how to ensure the a continuous connectivity to the Internet.


Security policy and the introduction of ISO 27001

Due to lack of safety rules, companies have to deal with various security incidents.

Employees usually do not know the rules of handling sensitive data.
Information system does not provide a adequate level of support to business processes.
To reduce these events and and secure the business, many companies decide to introduce safety policies.
Intelicom offers a comprehensive introduction of security policies by the ISO 27001 standards, including an analysis of the state of information security and risk analysis.
In the context of developing security policies for companies, we offer a document database solution InteliDoc ISO, through which executives can implement security policies in the company.


Information Forensics

Companies are faced with increasing demands for data management and protection of critical data.

IT forensics covers the area of ​​detection of malicious and harmful information management intrusions in companies from both internal and external unauthorized access.

Various methods of reading and control of information flow and databases, with our expertise and many years of experience in the field of security services, we offer our clients access to insight of unauthorized transactions and information operations.

Information includes data forensics (deleted or hidden data), network forensics (traffic analysis), online forensics (online connections through various channels), and the e-mail forensics (identification and tracing).


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