Software Development

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We develop Mobile, Web and Desktop applications

We have a lot of experiences and knowledge in software development. We craft our software with reliability and supportability in mind. We do not improvise.

If you need such expert - contact us. 


Business Apps, Analytics and Process management

Domino, Notes, xPages development - a reliable replicated environment for business applications

Office 365 - Teams, SharePoint, Office applications - cloud office productivity environment


Blockchain development

We develop on HyperLedger and Ethereum blockchain networks. If you are prototyping or developing a serious application on these network, we can help you.


AI and Machine Learning

You need to automate things that are not trivial. Categorize documents, contracts, request or other documents, recognize anomalies in data (fraud detection, errors in production, ...), recognize images or picture type data, teach a robot or a machine to manipulate data or environment. Give us a call.


Some of technology we use:

TensorFlow - Google ML tools

Meteor - near realtime development

Elixir - performance and reliability

xPages - Java platform on top of Domino database

React - FB Client side JS Framework

Bootstrap - Twitter UI Framework

PostgreSQL - open source SQL database

O365 - different products and tools

NodeJS - javascript environment

Linux - open source operating system

MongoDB - document based NoSQL database

Docker - virtualization platform - container deployment

Elixir - language and phoenix platform - fast and reliable software platform



About Us

We specialize and 3 key areas:

InteliDoc business solutions - Cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains.

Engineering of IT infrastructure

Quality hardware and software

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