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Domino 10

From the largest banks to the most traveled airlines, thousands of companies rely on Domino to help run their business. Modernized for today’s developers, and powering the world’s smartest companies, Domino is underneath it all — the unsung hero your business can trust.

Create custom, enterprise-grade applications to solve and streamline any business challenge.

What Domino can do for your business:

  • Find what matters, fast
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Mobile; work from anywhere
  • Secure to the core

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Domino V10 is better than ever — faster, more modern, lower TCO.

Domino offers newer, more modern technologies, is as secure and stable as ever, and is now mobile and open to new integrations — the value of Domino has been extended dramatically.

Domino AppDev Pack

Open your organization up to flexible, modern technologies. Access the world of JavaScript and Node.js through the Domino AppDev Pack, making it easy to enhance, integrate, and build new applications using Domino data.

Domino Mobile Apps

With Domino Mobile Apps, your entire organization can access every single one of its Domino applications from an iPad — your trusted, proven apps are now available on-the-go.


Auto-repair and self-healing

Domino evaluates if a node requires repair and corrects the inconsistencies in data, automatically. V10 can also resolve issues like missing replicas and documents, NLOs, and corrupt NSFs and critical out-of-date views.

Intelicom offer support and technical assistance for Domino platform and also custom development on Domino and xPages platform.
InteliDoc is a Project Management / Case Management / CRM application based on Domino platform.

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