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Project Billing Software

Bill your clients in a way that's easy for them - and effective for you. Our project billing software automates time consuming tasks, and helps you get paid faster.

Bill securely from anywhere, any time

Create and approve bills on the go, automatically apply interest to late payments, and send bills electronically via our secure client portal, InteliDoc Portal. Getting bills out fast means getting paid quicker.

Save time with automated billing

Set up automated billing. Let InteliDoc automatically send scheduled and recurring invoices, and late invoice reminders reducing collection time and increasing cash flow.

Access your documents from anywheres

Pull up any document on your mobile phone or laptop at any time. Spend less time preparing stacks of documents and more time working on your project.


Bill the way you want

Personalize InteliDoc billing software to the needs of your firm and clients.

Create branded invoices

Create professional, easy-to-read invoices with your firm's logo. Offer greater transparency by including aggregated or expanded activity lists and detailed statements of accounts.

Tailor payment profiles to improve collections

Create custom payment profiles that include grace periods, discounts for prompt payment, and custom interest rates. Assign payment profiles to specific contacts.

Multi-currency, Multi-tax rate invoices

Adjust invoices according your regional tax rules, bill in international environment.

Get better insight into your firm's finances

Use billing software that provides visibility into your firm's performance and receivables.


View, organize, and share outstanding balances with clients

See the status of all your unpaid bills in one tab, and in a single click, prompt clients to pay their invoices.

Report on detailed account informations

Share a client's billing history and outstanding balances with them using InteliDoc Statement of Accounts. Filter reports by client, date, and account.

Make managing firm finances easy

Generate clear billing reports to make managing firm finances simple and effective. Report on aging receivables, project balances, client billing histories, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. InteliDoc billing software lets you customize layouts and details of your invoices. Formatting is very flexible and does not impose limitation, and yes you can add your firm's branded logo to your invoices.

Yes. InteliDoc includes a straightforward dashboard of outstanding balances that shows who's paid their bills, who hasn't, and when a payment is due. You can also get alerts when payments are overdue.

Yes. InteliDoc includes a module for integration with external accounting systems.

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