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InteliDoc for Law Office is practice management solution. This world leading software provides a comfortable, familiar environment for day to day work operations. You will not have to change the way you already work on cases, InteliDoc is designed to work like lawyers usually do. It also helps you organize and store all important data in a safe manner.A wealth of functionality is integrated into a single, lawyer-friendly system. Integration has so many benefits, from natural workflow to re-using information, enhancing teamwork and capturing more billable time. It will increase the organization of your firm and allow you to practice more efficiently.

Some of the main features:

  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Case management
  • Imaging
  • Standard Mail Processing
  • Client Management - CRM
  • Email Archiving
  • Company Calendar
  • Invoicing
  • Service Tracking
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • Email Server


All information is instantly accessible

Client matters - Cases are the building blocks of your practice. You open a Case for each. Everything you do and everything you bill revolves around these files. InteliDoc works this way. It makes all your files and all the file content instantly accessible, better organized and much easier to use. By just clicking on a Case you can see all the associated people, appointments, tasks, documents, research, time spent, emails, phone calls and more - or a complete chronology of everything. Draft documents. Plan the next steps. Review the history. Report to your client. Quickly check statuses of Cases without creating reports. All in Real Time. You can even customize fields with your own information to track whatever you need in your practice. You can link events according to the legal rules and InteliDoc will warn you on recurring events and dates. Everything is at your fingertips.

Keep track of the people in your practice

The people module is a truly flexible and powerful contact manager and Customer Relationship Management - CRM tool that stores information about all of the people and companies you interact with in your practice. For each person and company you can see complete contact information including lists of events, communications, files, documents, relationships and more. Start a phone call or a letter, send an email or go to a web page with one click of the mouse. Stay in touch with clients easily with valuable business development tools and reminders.

Calendar will help you manage your day

The Calendar in InteliDoc provides comprehensive scheduling that works the way you do. Manage appointments, tasks, deadlines (and more) for yourself, everyone in your workgroup or your entire firm. The Calendar is flexible and allows you to display your information in a wide variety of formats. Create and save customized calendar profiles, identify and schedule shared resources. Link events for rescheduling together. Automate your court docketing. Convenient group scheduling allows for easy identification and scheduling of everyone’s calendars. Flexible and automated appointment reminders make sure you never miss an appointment. Email notification of new and changed events means that nothing slips though the cracks. 

Create, store and archive your documents

InteliDoc is dynamically linked to the applications in Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice. You can create documents from templates and InteliDoc will transfer all important data to your documents automatically. At the same time, documents will be filed in proper Case and safely stored in companies server. You can stop thinking if your data is safely stored. It is. Users of InteliDoc never lost a document in 5 years of heavy production use. You have a year lasting undo function even you purposely delete a document. Even courts use our storing technology.

Integrated Imaging module

Even now, in modern computer era, a lot of correspondence arrive in plain paper. Creating a complete file requires the imaging process to be taken. InteliDoc has an embeded simpe to use imaging module, that enables you to scan and store documents in a standard PDF format. Documents are automatically filed in proper Case files and ready to be read on site or over a secure encrypted connection over the Internet.

Anywhere, anytime  InteliDoc lets you work anywhere. Take your practice information with you, use it at home or access it across the Internet. It’s your choice. Log in from any desk in your office. Take a notebook “offline” and work disconnected or connect and work across the Internet. With InteliDoc, you are not tied to a place or a machine. Work where and when you choose. And if you get an unexpected call on an urgent matter – wherever you are – all your vital practice information is at hand.



John J. ("Jack") Mueller

InteliDoc operates differently. InteliDoc is a serious of databases that reside on Domino server. These databases link to each other and three of the databases provide information for the master database, the actual management database.

I am in the process of working with the developer (Gregor Ibic, INTELICOM d.o.o. [the Slovenian equivalent of an American limited-liability company]) to modify his application for the American market and to follow some specific electronic work-flow processes I customarily follow.

InteliDoc runs a contact database. The entries in this database supply information in the primarily or practice-management database. The developer is modifying some of the forms or documents used in the contact database and the practice-management database to reflect differences in American postal codes and the like.

The practice-management database is "case" centric, but allows for projects within the case and multiple cases linked as a project. The case document tracks by lead professional and members of the team (one or more of my paralegals and my assistant, as assigned by me).   Each case tracks the "participants" by name, address and role.

Again, the entries in this part of the system come from the contact database. Each case has a documents center. One can import a single document or a folder of documents into the center; one can create a document (using Word or WordPerfect) in the center - one can edit these work-product documents as and when needed, such as when one starts a brief on one day and works on it over some or all of the next succeeding 10 or 12 or whatever number of days.

The center tracks the documents by category or class that the user assigns. The center allows one to scan a document, in either TIF or PDF format, into the center, using the applications built-in scan function. And one can attach other documents to a document in the center, such as exhibits or attachments to a paper document.

InteliDoc tracks all of the events related to the case, by type, date, and other criteria. The developer is modifying the tracking of telephone contacts for me - for about twenty years, I have had software that allowed me to take a message (keeping it permanently in the client or matter file), make records of incoming calls, and make records of outgoing calls -- to more closely follow what my staff and I have become accustomed to doing.

InteliDoc runs a calendar and a taks-oriented docket-control system, which allows for statute-of-limitations/answer-day warnings, reminders, and tasks to do.

InteliDoc maintains an e-mail center, from which I can send an e-mail (I already use Lotus Notes for e-mail, but I think the system will also work with Microsoft Outlook) and into which I can import a received e-mail. InteliDoc has a notes center that allows me to record notes.

Last, InteliDoc allows me to track services performed in the case.

So, I have no need to develop any application or database in Lotus Notes; the developers have done all of that for me. And they have done a remarkably good job.


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