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This is the error I really hate. Not enough info to troubleshoot and it happens time to time. Usually switching offline/online helped. But last 2 days it did not help anymore.

I could not open any design element in Notes Designer anymore. Hm, how can I further develop our apps if I cannot access them?


There was no other option other that creating a new ticket in HCL support portal. They responded really fast! A nice calm miss (lady) helped me troubleshoot the issue. But it was not so simple.

Cause the error was occurring only on one server I suspected that the issue is the server. Accessing design elements on Domino v. 10.0.1FP3 triggered the error. Domino version 9.0.1FP9 I did not trigger the error. I tought "It has to be something with year 2020". And it was not ;)

Together we did a ton of tests, error keep popping up, even with new database with email template. Restarting client, changing system dates, ..., maybe we could open one design element, then the error returned. Uh.

We deleted cache.ndk but that did not help. Then we tried with clean bookmark and desktop database and that helped. I could open design elements again. Hura!

The issue is that Notes designer caches all design elements urls, and when it resolved domino server erroneously it started triggering errors. It seems that resolving design elements server location code is using only server name, and not also the notes domain. So if you have many servers with same name in different domains, you are testing your luck!


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